Special Pre-K Evaluation

Yesterday I took Carsyn to the school he will be going to once he turns three. See our CDSA services end at three years of age and he gets turned over to the school system. So we went in and they asked me a bunch of questions and tried to figure out all that Carsyn knew. He really did show off and surprise those girls.

They love him like I knew they would. I mean who couldn’t love this little guy?


I am totally comfortable leaving him there with them. I think he will do awesome there. He will be going four days a week from 8-11:30 am. So not for too long but it will get him used to being away from me. Bad thing is he turns three on May 11th and they stop school May 17th. The coordinator said she should be able to get him into the “summer school” which will be one day a week in July.  I really thing that will ease him into it. Since the only time he has been away from me is with family or at church in the nursery.

I am excited about all that he will learn there. I think he will love being around other kids his age. He is a very social person. He actually didn’t want to leave the classroom yesterday. It was so cute.

I am gearing up for his Third Birthday which is superhero themed. I can not wait!

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