Hip Update

Well last time we had Carsyn’s hip x-ray done his right hip was about 30% uncovered. This time his right hip was about 40-50% uncovered and his left hip was about 30% uncovered. Not good!! So we are scheduling an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to see about doing some muscle releasing surgery in his hip areas. Should keep him from scissoring his legs and hopefully will keep his hips from coming out of socket.


I really have mixed feelings about the surgery. She said the orthopedic may say to just wait on the surgery for now which would be great because I really do not want Carsyn to have to have surgery. On the other hand the surgery would be helpful so that he wouldn’t scissor his legs. Plus it could free up some of the botox he is allowed, to be used in other parts of his body. His botox is scheduled for February sometime before then we will need to figure out if he is going to have the surgery or not. Please pray that the doctors and I make the right decision for Carsyn.


He did get an increased dosage of baclofen that she hopes will help his arm muscles and his tight hamstrings. We will see how that goes. It will now be in pill form so I will have to crush it and give it to him. Anyone have advise on the best way to do this? I want to make sure he gets it all so not sure how I should get him to take the crushed pill.

Also he has another ear infection. They gave him antibiotics. Hopefully it will clear up quickly. Could explain why he hasn’t been sleeping well. I just hope this isn’t becoming a regular thing. Poor guy has enough to deal with!

In good news he is doing awesome in his gait trainer but I really need to get him to use his swash so that he doesn’t scissor in his gait trainer. He also really needs to wear his AFO’s. Right now he doesn’t want to move if I put his AFO’s or his swash on. We will need to work on that, and getting him more stander time to hopefully prevent him from having to have surgery.

That is what is going on in my life along with everything else I am working on plus Christmas. Oy! It is going to be a busy end of the year!

7 thoughts on “Hip Update

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  2. Will pray from wisdom. This may not work for Carson, but when my kids have to take a pill, I put it inside a marshmallow. All they taste is sugar before they realize, and it is down. Carson may still be too little for that. Other suggestion is mix with applesauce.

  3. Sarah,

    I really admire you. I know none of see how you function day in and day out, but I also know that you have a TON on your plate and are still able to get so much done with the blog and photography while caring for Carsyn, Dustyn and Kenny. I will be praying for the decision and for Carsyn to respond better to the SWISH and the stander. Merry Christmas and blessings to you.

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