This is my first post here on Our Sonshines. I wanted to start this blog to share more about our journey with Holoprosencephaly, which is Carsyn’s diagnosis, and with the few Sensory Issues we are dealing with, with Dustyn. I will share all about what we are doing to help Carsyn and what works to help Dustyn with his sensory issues.

You can read more about Carsyn & Dustyn.

I hope you will join us and enjoy reading about our life here. Thanks for stopping by!

I have a photography blog if you want to check it out. I share a lot of tips, reviews and tutorials over there.

20 thoughts on “Welcome!!

  1. For this being your first post I am SERIOUSLY impressed with your site! You rock woman! I don’t know who did your design but I probably need their email. I also am a new blogger and could only hope for someday my blog to look this fabulous. Can’t wait to hear more about Carsyn & Dustyn. And of course you!

    XOXO BoldButterBaby

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