A God Thing

Today I went out thrifting to find some frames for the upcoming Christmas Mini Shoots. I found out about a newer store in my town and decided to meet my friend Tera there. I was perusing the shop and found a pair of sock monkey mittens. The owner walked over to me and told me that was the free table and those used to be her daughters. Then she goes on to tell me that her daughter tragically died at 12 years old in an accident 2 months ago. I was just about done looking around and found a frame and she said it was part of the free stuff. I asked if she had any bigger frames and she said she had one in the back I could have. She brought the frame out and I said it would be perfect.

I went on to tell her about my business and how I was doing mini photo shoots. Since she was so nice, giving and sweet I told her I would love to do a mini shoot for her family for free. She started telling me how much she regretted not having her photos taken with her daughter while she was alive. We were all in tears at this point. I told her that is why I do what I do. I volunteer for Inspiration Through Art to capture memories of families with kids with special needs. I know her daughter isn’t here any longer but I felt compelled to take their photos with their two remaining girls. She told me all about her daughter and how she was the photogenic one. She had made her own bucket list with her youth group and finished some of them before she passed away. What an inspiration!

I can not wait to take their photos and I hope to keep in touch with her. I will be returning  to her store and support her. She is such an amazingly strong woman.